Friday, July 26, 2013

Learning to Ask More Questions

Tuesday was a pretty boring food day until it came time for dinner.  Josh got word that he passed the big, important test he took in June, so we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate.  He chose The Helmand, a delicious Afghan restaurant walking distance from our house.

I'd actually already eaten at The Helmand once since becoming vegan, and I was so excited about how all I had to do was ask for my favorite vegetarian food with no yogurt sauce.  Easy peasy.

For our first course: flat bread with cilantro sauce and pumpkin with the yogurt sauce on the side.  (And very bad pictures ... the light was low and I didn't want to be the b*tch taking tons of pictures with a flash.) 

Then onto the main course. Like last time, I wanted to get the leek ravioli with the yogurt sauce on the side.  But not so fast!  This time the waiter asked if I was vegan, and let me know the ravioli was made with eggs.  
Nooooooo!  I was so sad.  It took me another couple of minutes to decide on the stuffed peppers.  They were tasty, but no where near as good as the ravioli would have been.  But I certainly can't fault te guy for trying to be helpful.  
Part of me wished I didn't know so I could live blissfully in ignorance, but then I know if I really felt that way then I would never read a label at the grocery store either.  I just have to learn to ask more questions at restaurants where I don't have he luxury of an ingredient list.  Sometimes I hate life lessons.

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