Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Field Trip and Peanut Butter Power?

Thursday morning I had yet another work field trip planned to head to the Baltimore City Detention Center for a tour.  Before the tour I had a strawberry banana protein shake, so of course I had to go to the bathroom really badly when I got there!  Good thing I had the opportunriy before we started or I would have been bursting by the end.  The protein shake was not quite enough to tide me over though, and my stomach was rumbling by the time I was headed out. Luckily I was pretty close to home, so I decided to duck in, use the bathroom (again) and reheat the last if the ribolita.  I gulped it down quickly and then headed off to work.  
Mid afternoon I had my favorite snack again - carrots and peanut butter!  I decided this time it would be only to have because I would be rushin off to crossfit after work, and the peanut butter would help power me through class.  That's sound reasoning, right? :)

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