Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tons of Errands and Lunch at Wegman's

Since we've finally finished our apartment search, we actually got to stay in Baltimore and try to enjoy the past weekend.  Unfortunately, we still had a bunch of errands to do, so "enjoy" was not as literal as we might have preferred.  But that doesn't mean we didn't still have time for some tasty food along the way ...
I woke up earlier than I might have liked Saturday morning, but that just meant I could sit around reading a bit and sipping a delicious strawberry banana protein shake. 
Once we'd lounged a bit, Josh and I headed out to move things into his new car, take stuff to Goodwill, check out MOM's to see if they carry Victoria Vegan pasta sauce, check Dick's Sporting Goods for a pullup band, and get lunch.  Turns out MOM's doesn't carry the pasta sauce, but we managed to pick up a few other things while we were there ... we always do!  Also no luck at Dick's for the pullup band, so I ended up buying one online.  (It's supposed to arrive Friday!) 
Since Wegman's is right by the Dick's, we decided to stop in to their prepared foods bar to grab lunch.  It was super crowded, which made me think we might not be the only people in the world who go to Wegman's just for lunch and not to actually do any grocery shopping. 
I picked up some roasted brussel sprouts, coconut curry tofu, and sesame Gardein (fake) chicken.  Sort of an odd mix of flavors, but it was all delicious! 

For dinner I tried out one of the items we picked up from MOM's - some red hot mogo multigrain chips.  (Basically like spicy Doritos).  They looked so tasty, plus they were on sale!, so I just had to get them.  Not all that good for you, but luckily the bag is mostly air with about ten chips inside ...

I paired the chips with delicious (fake) bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwiches.  I could probably eat a B.A.T. every day and never get sick of it! 

And then of course after dinner I wanted a sweet treat, so I had a few (read, ten) squares of salt and pepper chocolate.  Yummo!

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