Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Repetitive Eating - More Cashew Cheese and Alfredo Sauce

Monday morning I decided to hold off on my usual protein shake (to have it before crossfit instead), and started my day with a sliced apple and sliced aged cashew cheese.  The apple and cheese combo was really delicious. 
Panda spent the whole time hanging around hoping I would drop some cheese, so I gave her a little nibble too.  Normally she would have begged and begged for real cheese, only to run off and throw it up a few minutes later, but the aged cashew cheese stayed down.  And of course she just begged for more.  I know it's not a good habit to give her human food, but I'm glad it seemed to agree with her more than dairy does.  I guess that really tells you something, doesn't it? 
For lunch I had a real craving for more vegan alfredo, so I mixed up the exact same meal I had for dinner Friday night.  With the cashew cheese and then the alfredo, Monday was looking a whole lot like Friday in my food choices ... But it was so darn tasty I didn't care if it was repetitive. 
I headed to crossfit at 6:30 (which I will talk about more in another post), so dinner ended up quite late after I got home and cleaned up.  Fortunately, Josh had a work softball game Monday evening too, so he was also planning to get home late. 
I planned to make something that would be easy and really quick, so we didn't have to wait too long for dinner, but we still didn't end up eating until close to 9pm.  I made Tofurky sandwiches with vegan pepper jack cheese, tomato, and mustard, and grilled some corn right on the stovetop for the side.  Add a little Earth Balance and salt to the corn, and it was the perfect summer meal! 

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