Monday, July 22, 2013

Not So Vegan When it Comes to Wine

Saturday morning started with a delicious strawberry mango protein shake with a little coconut cream mixed in.  This is definitely my favorite smoothie combo ever.  But not quite as cheap as the banana options ...  And I know the potassium from bananas is good for me.  But for the occasional treat, it's awesome. 
Lunch was leftovers from Kathmandu Kitchen.  In case it wasn't clear from the pictures (which I'm sure it wasn't), we were chased their Friday night when Josh got home from work only to find he couldn't find a single parking spot in our neighborhood because of Artscape.  I had gotten a parking spot Thursday evening and didn't move my car again until Sunday so I wouldn't lose it.  Meanwhile, after dinner Friday night we headed to Josh's parents to drop off his car and get a ride home.  Everyone loves a street festival until it's in their backyard ...
After lunch we were both still in the mood for a little something sweet, so we finished off the last of the banana coconut tart.  The last slice was definitely the best one of all!  Letting the tart sit for a while so that it gelled together better really did the trick to keep the crust together and let the bananas get extra sweet - yum!
After lunch we headed out for a little walk - luckily when we're trapped in your home because of a street festival we can still get to plenty of places because we live in the city.  We headed out to the Baltimore Central Library to return my last book club book, Neuromancer, and pick up the next one, Ender's Game.  I also grabbed a couple new books on CD to listen to while I'm driving.  I always love going to the Baltimore Central Library.  The collection is amazing, and the building is old and gorgeous! 
Dinner was the last of the leftover Vichyssoise plus some delicious szechuan string beans Josh whipped up. 
I was really impressed with how he modified a recipe he found online (and for which we had very few of the required ingredients), and made something really delicious.  I'm definitely going to be wanting these again and again. 
Maybe it was the irritation of Artscape, but we also decided to booze it up with dinner by grabbing a bottle of wine.  Again, the convenience of the city means we have a liquor store on the ground floor of our building.  I picked out this Pinot Noir based purely on liking the label ... which is pretty much the only criteria I ever use when choosing wine. 
One criteria I definitely didn't use was whether or not it was vegan.  In the little Asian-run grocery in the building, they definitely don't know which wines they carry are vegan (if any), and it's such an incredible hassle to figure it out it makes it unrealistic to just "pick up some wine."  I'll certainly try to get vegan wine if it's presented to me, but right now going out of my way to be vegan in my liquor choices is just beyond the level of commitment I've got to veganism ... 

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