Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vegan Lasagna

I ate really healthy most of Monday and then came home and pretty much ruined it all with a delicious dinner and dessert.  And I regret nothing!  The morning started off with a delicious and healthy strawberry banana protein shake. 
Then for lunch I ate a cucumber sandwich made with sliced cucumbers (the last leftover from gazpacho), Earth Balance butter, and a bit of salt.  Mmmm mmmm. 
On the side I snacked on some grape tomatoes. 
And mid-afternoon when I just couldn't help myself, I snacked on some mixed dried berries. 

With such a healthy day, of course I came home starving and wanting something substantial for dinner.  I had been thinking for a while that the same cashew cream I used in the best pasta ever would be a great filler for lasagna, so I decided to test my theory.  I started by sauteeing some mushrooms and zucchini, to which I added some Yves Good Ground meatless crumbles. 
I assembled the lasagna using Barilla oven-ready lasagna noodles, cashew cream, the meatless veggie mixture, and Whole Foods pasta sauce. 
Then I finished it by sprinkling some Parmela vegan Parmesan on top. 
The best part of the whole endeavor is that it bakes so much faster than cheesy lasagna because you don't have to wait for the cheese to brown in the last step! 
The result was so delicious, I never would have known it didn't have cheese if I hadn't made it myself!  The only downside is that it came out a bit thin, so I think a fourth layer is really called for next time. 

After dinner I still needed a sweet treat, so I had some chocolate tofu for dessert!  This stuff is seriously delicious for a weird tofu mixture.  Who would have thought?  I really need to explore the dessert possibilities where tofu is concerned.  

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