Friday, July 19, 2013

Vaute Couture

Look what I came across in the July 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine!  Very exciting to see a "mainstream" company like Mazda showing it's support for a vegan company like Vaute Couture
I first heard about Vaute Couture a few years ago, and actually tried to buy a coat from them right away.  I purchased a beautiful blue coat in size medium, but when it arrived it was way too big.  I probably needed an extra small instead!  But unfortunately they were out so I had to just return the coat rather than do the exchange.  Leanne e-mailed me herself to say she was sorry they didn't have the coat I wanted and to offer me a discount on another style, which was really thoughtful and showed what a hands-on company it was.  As I could see from my too-big coat, their materials are really luxurious, and the coat would definitely have been warm! 
Now the company's grown so much they had a show at NY Fashion Week and just opened a flagship store!  They've also expanded far beyond their original offerings.  Maybe I will have to head back to the Vaute Couture website this fall when the weather starts to turn chilly again ...

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