Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Birthday Pushup Challenge

My 30th birthday is only three and a half months away.  Eek!  I wanted to come up with a goal to mark the big occasion.  I'm guessing I won't manage to become a millionaire, so there's no sense fretting about that one.  And there aren't a lot of milestones I'm eager to hit by then (I don't want to have a kid and I already have a job and a wonderful partner).  So I decided to set the much more manageable but still significant goal of doing 30 pushups on my birthday.  That's real pushups, no "girl" substitutes! 

To get a baseline, I did as many "real" pushups as I could last night ... which was 5.  Not so great.  But I followed it up with 15 "girl" pushups.  My plan to increase my pushup numbers is to continue doing as many "real" pushups as I can each night, and then follow that up with "girl" pushups up to 30.  (Which means last night I should have done another ten "girl" pushups ... oops.) 

With any luck, by the big day (Oct. 18) I will be doing 30 "real" pushups in a row. 

I may have to get older, but I can get stronger too! 

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