Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Calls for Snowballs!

Since we spent most of Saturday doing errands and didn't really get a chance to enjoy the weekend, Josh and I vowed to eschew actual obligations and just have fun Sunday.  Tougher than it sounds when you have moving, trip-planning, and life looming over your head ... but we tried. 
I started my Sunday morning off with a chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake and a little reading.  I have two book club meetings coming up this week (for two different books, of course), so I had to get busy finishing them up. 
The one I worked on Sunday morning is called Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout.  It's a different sort of book, using lots of art and illustration to the tell the story of Marie and Pierre Curie and their work.  I think to a certain extent the author relied too heavily on the art while the quality of the writing really suffers.  It's probably an ideal book for a 5th grader, but not so much for an adult.  And *oops* ... I'm the one who recommended it to the book club!  Oh well. 
For lunch I enjoyed leftover chili with a big scoop of vegan sour cream on top.  It was a bit warm for chili, but they say eating warm food on a warm day can actually make you feel cooler.  But I'm not sure who "they" are ...
After lounging around the house a while longer, Josh and I headed out to go climbing at the gym, followed by a run on the NCR trail.  Aren't we ambitious?!  Well, I'm not so ambitious as I thought.  I ended up walking a ton along the way and probably only really ran about 2/3 of the time. 
Even though I didn't perform that well on the run, we still treated ourselves to a cool treat after we were finished.  We stopped by a Baltimore institution, Snoasis, for a nice frosty snowball.  Everywhere else these are called snowcones, but in Baltimore they serve them in a cup rather than a cone.  Plus they have a bazillion more flavor options. 
I opted for the Old Fashioned Egg Custard, which has neither egg nor custard, but tastes amazing.  The regular Egg Custard (non-Old-Fashioned) is probably the most popular flavor in Baltimore, but I find it just a bit too sweet and artificial.  Rather than this nice, soft orange color, the regular Egg Custard snowballs look radioactively orange.   
Once we'd cooled off a bit (and let our sweat dry), we headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner supplies.  Josh had spotted a packet of beef and broccoli seasoning mix in the cupboard (from who knows how long ago) and decided we should make it. 

We mixed together onions and broccoli in a pan with oil, then tossed in Lightlife Smart Ground, water, and the seasoning for a quick and easy dinner.  In fact, I chopped up the veggies while Josh showered, then he sauteed everything while I cleaned up.  And by the time I was out of the shower dinner was almost done.  At the last minute we decided we needed to cook up some white rice too, but that came together quickly enough.  We probably won't be rushing out to the store for the supplies to make this again soon, but it was tasty enough, and more importantly quick and easy.  And after a hard day of relaxing, it was a perfect meal! 

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