Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day Two Pain

After being so proud of not feeling pain Wednesday, imagine my surprise when I woke up incredibly stiff and sore Thursday morning.  I was actually in so much pain, I could barely bend my arms.  I'm no stranger to second-day pain, but I've never experienced anything like this ... ever.  Worse still, I had signed up for yet another crossfit class for Thursday evening.  So I took a couple of Advil and made myself a strawberry banana protein shake, hoping the potassium would help relieve the worst of the pain. 
No such luck.
A couple hours later I was taking more Advil ... and snacking on some oatmeal.  Nothing takes the pain away like a warm mug of oats.  Oh wait, that's not true ...
What was strange is that the pain felt like it was not in the muscles, which I could stretch with no issue, but more where my triceps connected to the elbow joint.  My guess is it's some sort of tendon strain.  Like tennis elbow, but without actually playing any tennis. 
The worst part was trying to bend my elbow all the way ... like when you try to lift food to your mouth.  It really makes you realize how many times you touch your face and head during the day ... putting on lipgloss, brushing hair out of your face, or scratching your eye.  All of which caused searing pain.  :/ 

Needless to say, eating my lunch of leftover chili was not much fun ... even though the chili was delicious.  I ended up taking about five doses of Advil over the course of the day, none of which really helped alleviate the pain much.  The best thing I could do was try to move my arm a lot so it didn't get too stiff.  And I just hoped that would be enough to get me through my second crossfit class ...

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