Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Healthy Pre-Crossfit Eating

Tuesday I tried to eat healthy and abundantly, because I signed up for my very first crossfit class that evening!  I had a delicious strawberry banana protein shake for breakfast, then a sandwich made with Thai tofu salad for lunch. 
My mid-afternoon snack wasn't quite so healthy ... Cracker Jacks.  But a whole box still has less than 200 calories, so it's not such a bad snack when you're looking for a little something sweet.  Plus there's peanuts!  That's protein ...
Later in the afternoon (about 4 pm) I had an apple to tide me over through the evening because class would be right after work at 6:30 and I wouldn't have time for dinner first.  Not sure if this was really the ideal pre-crossfit meal, but I still think having something in your stomach is better than nothing. 
Exciting post about my first crossfit class coming soon!  Stay tuned ...

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