Friday, July 5, 2013

Thai Tofu Salad

I came across this video tutorial on making a Thai-inspired vegan tofu salad, and it looked so good I had to try it.  But if I wanted my boyfriend to eat any, I had to tweak the recipe a bit because it called for a healthy amount of celery, which my boyfriend wouldn't touch with a ten foot poll.  I subbed out carrots for the celery to keep the crunch factor, and it turned out great!  It was sweet and crunchy, with wonderfully fresh flavors.

We enjoyed the Thai tofu salad while picnicing in Druid Hill Park on July 4th.  It was pretty warm out, but at least we weren't trying to eat hot food!  We snacked on the salad like a dip using black pepper flavored Triscuits - yum! 

After our picnic we played a bit of tennis.  And when I say "play" I mean we tried our best to hit the ball back and forth while not worrying about such silly technicalities as "scoring points" or "out of bounds".  Even though we weren't playing a real game, we still both ended up nice and sweaty and it seemed like a workout. 

Since we were all sweaty anyway, after tennis we decided to head to the track at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute to run some intervals.  We switched off sprinting four 400-meter lengths, followed by four 100-meter lengths.  By the end we were both a completely sweaty mess.  It was a great workout! 

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