Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not So Lazy Sunday

After our busy, busy Saturday my boyfriend and I wanted nothing more than to have a nice, relaxing Sunday with no obligations, nowhere to be, and nothing to do.  We slept in (or at least I did) and once I got up I made us some delicious vegan French toast.  This great recipe uses bananas instead of eggs, so the French toast ends up extra sweet and delicious.  The only problem is it doesn't "crisp" like you normally expect from French toast.  I like a crisper texture, so next time I will have to remember to toast the bread before I start. 
After brunch we had a few ends of bread loaves built up, so we decided to head down to Canton Waterfront Park to feed the ducks.  When our bread supply was exhausted we went for a short run along the water.  It was really hot out, but there was a bit of a breeze coming off the harbor, so it was bearable. 
Once we'd cleaned up from our run we headed out to the movies to watch World War Z.  I'd read the book twice and loved it.  And even though all the talk said the movie was nothing like the book, I still wanted to lend my support.  Especially because it was the first attempt at a big-budget, quality zombie movie in quite a while. 
Before we walked into the theater we realized we were already starting to get hungry again, so we popped into Barnes and Noble to look for snacks to stash in my purse.  There weren't a lot of vegan options, but I came away with a Kind Fruit & Nut bar in almond and coconut flavor.  Even though it was small, the almonds made it pretty filling, and the combination of sweet and salty was just perfect. 
After the movie we hit the batting cages to try to work on my swing after my complete and utter failure at softball earlier in the week.  You could choose between baseballs and softballs, and also the speed of the pitch.  I used all my tokens on softballs at the slowest speed.  My problem wasn't really hitting the ball (I could almost always make contact), but I wasn't making the ball go very far.  Fortunately, Josh was a great coach and gave me lots of great pointers that really improved how well I hit the ball.  By the end I was hitting it well and far pretty much every time!
After batting we headed straight over to Josh's parents' for a pasta dinner with marinated tomatoes on the side.  It was delicious!  Not exactly the lazy Sunday we had planned on ...

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