Friday, August 9, 2013

Rustic Onion, Potato, and Blue Cheese Tart

Since we were going to be getting back into Baltimore incredibly late Monday night (more like 2 am Tuesday morning), I had the excellent forsight to take Tuesday off from work.  Josh still got up and out early, but I stayed in bed and slept in until almost 10.  When I finally got up, we didn't have much in the way of groceries in the house, but luckily we had frozen strawberries to make a delicious strawberry protein shake. 
A while later I decided to experiment with a few other random ingredients we had around that need to be used up before the move.  First was a Trader Joe's pie crust that's been in the freezer for quite a while.  It's not vegan (yeah, it's that old), but I don't like the idea of tossing it either.  I decided to make a rustic tart using the pie crust, a few random small potatoes, a red onion, and this vegan blue cheese I picked up on our trip to Pangea Vegan Foods. 
I hadn't had a chance to try the blue cheese yet, but wasn't really sure how to eat it.  My guess was that it wouldn't taste great on its own - when there's nothing to hide the inevitable "oddness" of fake cheese.  So mixing it into mashed potatoes seemed like a great way to try it out. 
I made some quick mashed potatoes using the potatoes, rice milk, Earth Balance, the blue cheese, salt, and pepper.  While the potatoes were cooking I caramelized the red onion, then layered the potaotes and onion in the center of the pie crust. 
For a "rustic" tart, just fold the edges of the crust up, and bake on a baking sheet until the top is golden brown!  The same technique works with pretty much any filling, and is so much easier than making a traditional tart in a pie pan. 
The result was actually really delicious, and I ended up having two pieces for lunch!  You could definitely taste the blue cheese, and it tastes like the real deal.  The problem was in the texture - it doesn't melt.  Not sure why I would expect nuts to melt, but it's still disturbing when it doesn't. 
That evening I headed to crossfit where we did a partner chipper WOD, which means that you work with another person to "chip" away at the workout.  You don't have to do every exercise 50-50, but can split it however you and your partner prefer.  I paired with a girl named Jaclyn, and we pretty much split the workout evenly, but I know she picked up some slack for me when I needed an extra bit of rest! 
Between us we did 300 single under jumps, 90 sit ups, 80 pushups (yeah, I did those on my knees), 70 wall balls (I used 10 pounds while she did 15), 60 pullups (I used a green and red band, while she rocked it with just the red), 50 burpees jumping onto a 25 pound plate, 40 overhead lunges with the 25 pound plate, 30 dead lifts (we both did 85 pounds), 20 cleans (I went down to 45 pounds - can't remember what she did), and 10 push jerks (I stripped off all the weight and just used the 35 pound bar here).  It was definitely a crazy intense workout and we finished in just under 30 minutes.  (And I spelled her name wrong ... oops.  I fixed that after the picture.)

After crossfit I wasn't too hungry, so I went out with Josh to get him a falafel sandwich and I just picked up a bag of vegan Doritos - spicy sweet chili.  I know, I know ... not a healthy dinner.  Not even really a dinner.  But they were a nice TV snack while we watched Breaking Bad :)  

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