Tuesday, August 13, 2013

50 Burpees?!?!

After missing crossfit on Thursday because of the rain, I really wanted to make it to Friday's class because it was the last week of my Groupon and it would be my last chance.  Since we're moving to Silver Spring, there's no way I'll be able to keep going to Crossfit Towson, but my experience there has been so great I'll probably look for a crossfit gym down in the DC area to keep it up! 
Friday's class was a short workout, but a good one!  There were only six of us at the class, and I was the only girl, so I definitely had to make sure I kept up with the boys!  The WOD was four rounds of 8 front squats, 5 toes to bar (knees to elbows), 8 back squats, and 10 handstand pushups (the instructor had us put our knees on a box if we couldn't do the handstand - which most of us couldn't. 
I used 35 pounds for the front and back squats - mostly because I couldn't press more weight to get the bar to my back for the back squats!  I actually finished first, in 9:34 - definitely because I was using the least amount of weight. 
But just when we thought we were done with a quick WOD, our instructor said we then had to do 50 burpees for time.  I couldn't believe it!  Burpees are the worst, and I always get light headed doing them.  Still, I pushed through and did them in 6:32.  Definitely not the first to finish, but not too shabby. 

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