Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Paltz Day 1

By the end of our long road trip up to New York, Josh and I were incredibly happy to get into New Paltz Saturday evening.  We rented a room on Airbnb which was a small studio apartment above a garage.  It was spare, but had the necessities - bed, bathroom, and TV. 
Plus it even had its own balcony!  Check out the views of the garden and huge back yard ...
After we'd settled in and lounged around a bit watching TV, we headed out to explore town and find dinner.  We didn't have to go far before stumbling on this little vegan cafe called Karma Road Organic Cafe, which seemed like the perfect place to grab dinner with no difficulty finding vegan options.

It was small, but cute.  And unlike a lot of vegan-only restaurants, it looked clean and well kept.  It was a no-nonsense kind of place ... order at the counter off the menu boards, then they deliver food to your table. 

And how cute are the tables?!  Each one had a picture of a rescued animal on it.  This pig being scratched on the head was adorable!

And this little lamb has an amputated leg that is bound up in a bandana.  And yet it still has a smile on its face ...  This is the table we sat at, and Josh moved the napkin holder over the lamb's lost leg so he wouldn't have to see that part while he ate. 

There was also art all over the walls - photos from Iceland and paintings of barnyard animals.  The whole place was bright and cheerful.  They also had a small outdoor deck seating area.  A beautiful place to sit and relax. 

We got all sorts of different food and shared between us.  We started with a tempeh bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich to which we added avocado (of course), and which came with a little kale slaw on the side.  It was delicious!  Josh is eager to try this one ourselves at home in place of our beloved B.A.T.s. 

We also ordered a mix of things from their deli case, including roasted vegetables (just potatoes, onions, and kale I think).  They were delicious, and easily something we could make at home - and which I'm sure we will this winter!

Also from the deli we got coconut curry tofu which was just okay, if maybe a little sweet from the coconut. 

And last (because they forgot and brought it out after everything else), but certainly not least, we got a sweet potato roll warmed with Earth Balance butter.  It was supposed to come with Walnuts, and neither of us detected a single nut, but it was really good and sort of like dessert, so it was a great way to end the meal.  (Don't worry, I also scraped off more than half that Earth Balance - way too much for me!) 

After dinner we went for a little sunset stroll through town to check out the rest of the stores and get more of a feel for the place.  But we headed off to bed pretty early so we could be well rested for our big hike the next day! 

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