Friday, August 2, 2013

My First Scaled WOD

I know some people are proud when they do their first prescribed WOD, but I'm still quite a ways from that ...  In fact, I had never even done a scaled WOD ... before today, that is!  It was a tough one, but I was able to do the scaled version because this WOD focused more on endurance than on heavy weights.  And for some reason the WOD has no name ...  So I won't be able to cite my accomplishment in the future :(  Luckily I take pictures. 
But before we started the WOD we worked on our one rep max deadlift.  I worked my way up to 115 lbs - not too shabby.  On to the WOD ...
The WOD was 10 burpees, 20 thrusters, 30 kettlebell lunges, 400 meter run, 50 air squats, then on back ... 400 meter run, 30 kettlebell lunges, 20 thrusters, and 10 burpees.  It took me 22:16 with 35 lbs on the thrusters and 12 kg for the kettlebell.  And man was I sweaty at the end!  And to teach me a little lesson for being so proud of finishing first on Monday, I the very last one to finish.  A victory nonetheless! 

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