Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pancakes As Big As Your Face

Sunday morning for breakfast we were all out of bananas, but we still had plenty of other things in the cupboard to use up ... like chocolate chips!  So naturally I had to make pancakes for breakfast.  But not just any pancakes.  Pancakes as big as your face! 
I started by following this recipe, but then added a ton of chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts.  Gotta use 'em up, right?  I actually intended to make nice, normal-sized pancakes, but when my first go ended up the size of the plate, I decided to just go with it and make them all that size. 
Needless to say, Josh and I felt like rolling through the rest of the day, which unfortunately included a trip to the climbing gym with his sister who is visiting from out of town.  We both felt horrible, but managed to get our climb on anyway. 
But by mid-afternoon when we were still feeling sluggish, Josh declared that pancakes should never be eaten again.  That may not last ...  But they definitely won't be eaten in the near future. 

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