Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Last Trip to Baltimore ... Well, Not Exactly

We spent Saturday night in our new apartment in Silver Spring.  It was definitely weird.  I'm sure it will take a while before we're used to the new layout, furniture configuration, and different nighttime mystery sounds (don't be gross ... you know what I mean). 
Sunday we slept in a bit (tired from all that moving and partying on Saturday!), then ate cold pizza for breakfast and stopped at the Giant by our new place for groceries before heading back to Baltimore to retrieve Panda from Josh's parents' and pick up some more stuff from the apartment.  While we were buying kale at the grocery store, Josh commented on how great the kale salad and Land of Kush is, so we decided to book it to Baltimore so we would have time to stop in and grab lunch there.  Definitely wish we'd gone there more when we lived two blocks away!
I ordered the exact same sides I got on our bucket list trip (kale salad and mac 'n cheese), but since it was the weekend, I got to try one of their weekend entree specials - the vegan drummies.  They're made with a wood skewer "bone" on the inside, so it's like a real chicken wing - creepy on your first bite, but otherwise they were tasty.  And, if possible, the mac 'n cheese was even better on Sunday than it had been earlier in the week (maybe just because it had been made more recently).  It was so creamy and delicious.  I want it again now just thinking about it!
After lunch we stopped by the old apartment to pick up a few things that got left behind for car transport, including our bag of climbing gear.  We went to the Timonium climbing gym for the last time (or for a long while, at least), before joining Josh's parents for dinner later that evening. 
Josh's parents made an amazing dinner of home-made spaghetti - actually using a pasta maker! - topped with olives, capers, basil, tomatoes, olive oil, and probably some other great stuff.  Dessert was peaches and cream (coconut cream for me) with almond cookies.  A delicious feast! 
But sadly we had to cut it short for the long drive back to Silver Spring with Panda (who was not happy about the long car trip).  She yowled the whole time, and I made the stupid mistake of letting her out of her carrier where she proceeded to run all over the car, stepping on window controls to lower windows, and yowling even louder than before.  Fortunately I managed to shove her back in the carrier before she caused an accident.  Maybe she sensed we were taking her to a scary new apartment where she would spend the next few days hiding in cupboards off-and-on and jumping at every little sound ... ? 

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