Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Weekend

Saturday morning Josh and I woke up bright and early to drive to Rehoboth Beach, DE to spend the weekend with Josh's family.  We each ate a quick banana for breakfast before heading out.  When we finally arrived at the beach we were both pretty hungry, so we headed straight for Thrasher's Fries for a beach tradition - a big bucket of fries topped with salt and vinegar.   Not exactly a healthy lunch but "hey, it's the beach!" 

After "lunch" we got our beach on - sitting in the sun and splashing in the surf.  When we got antsy we walked along the beach, checking out the other beach-goers, and some impressive sand creations.  Check out the crab and alligator!  This wasn't even the only sand alligator we saw on the beach, but it was the most impressive. 
We met up with Josh's family for dinner and headed to Grotto Pizza, another beach tradition.  Josh has been going to Grotto since he was a little kid coming to Rehoboth over summer vacation.  Everyone could get something they wanted - I got my pizza half sans cheese. 

The next morning we woke up even earlier than we had Saturday so that we could drive down to Ocean City (about 45 minutes south) where Josh had a surf lesson.  It was pretty cloudy and the surf wasn't great, but it was a fun excursion nonetheless. 

I sat on the beach reading a magazine while Josh tried his best to catch one of the tiny waves.  With the clouds and the early morning it was actually pretty chilly, and I ended up in my sweatshirt a lot of the time.  So much for getting my beach tan ...

Sunday night for dinner Josh and I made tacos for everyone.  We made seasoned black beans and Josh's signature guacamole.  Plus we had salsa, sliced lettuce, and shredded cheese (for everyone else).  There was a ton of food, and hopefully they're finding a way to use the leftovers while they're still at the beach this week ...

But Monday was the last beach day for us.  We got up first thing in the morning to rent a tandem bike for an hour and cruised down the boardwalk and around town.  It was definitely an interesting experience, getting used to syncing up your pedaling with someone else.  We also saw the most sun we'd had all weekend, so maybe I got just a hint of a tan from the morning on the beach. 

We drove home in the early afternoon so Josh could make his work softball team's last game - they lost :(  Before the game we grabbed a quick burrito from California Tortilla, where I ordered the No Meato Burrito.  Silly name, but tasty burrito.

After the game we drove home and got in with plenty of time to get to bed early and rest up from another busy "vacation" weekend.  I definitely need a vacation from all this travel! 

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