Friday, August 2, 2013

I Love it When Josh Makes Dinner

I know I said I'd cut down on taking the same picture of my protein shakes every morning because they all end up looking about the same, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this one because I love how the sun lit up the top left corner.  It looks like a real "morning" picture, like the kind that makes you excited to get out and start the day.  Oh, and it was chocolate peanut butter banana ... that is all.
Mid-morning I snacked on some delicious cherries.  I actually really hate cherry-flavored things (candy, soda, medicine), but love fresh cherries in summer.  For whatever reason, the fake flavor seems nothing like cherry to me - just like fake grape flavor tastes nothing like grapes.  But I love the sweet/sour of real cherries.  They're a bit of a hassle because of the stems and pits, but they're worth it!
For lunch I had leftover tempeh mushroom soup.  It's kind of tricky bringing soup into work - I'm always worried the tupperware will fail and I'll end up with soup all over the inside of my purse.  But luckily that didn't happen ... this time
Dinner was an extra special treat, because Josh prepared it!  He made rajas (poblano peppers, onion, and roasted corn, mixed with seasonings and vegan sour cream) and seasoned black beans, which I topped with a slice of vegan pepper jack while he went for real cheddar. 
I helped a bit by cutting up and roasted the poblano peppers and dicing an onion ... but other than that I sat back and then got to enjoy the spoils!  And delicious spoils they were :)

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