Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tricks to Stop the Snacking

I don't know about you but whenever I hear" instead of having a snack go for a run" I go crazy.  Obviously it's best to burn a few extra calories in place of putting more in your body but sometimes you're just not in the mood.  So what are you to do when what you really want is to sit on the couch with your favorite food watching TV?  Here are a few of my top (and free!) tricks to keep from snacking when you're in a lazy mood.  

1.  Give yourself a facial.  
Taking some time to pamper your face is a luxury we often skip.  But when you're covered in gunk you're a lot less likely to be munching.

2.  Teeth whiten.

If you think you're still likely to try and maneuver food into your mouth past the face mask you can one up things by turning to teeth whitening.  There's definitely no eating with white strips on your teeth!

3. Do your nails.  
The trick I used to stop biting my nails in fourth grade also works to cut down on your snacking.  With wet polish on not only will you not stick your fingers in your mouth to bite your nails, but you also won't stick them in food!
4. Moisturize.
Get those elbows and knees!  And don't forget your neck!  There are all sorts of places that could use a little TLC.  And with greasy hands you won't be reaching into that bag of chips. 
5. Take a bubble bath.
The ultimate in relaxation can also be your go-to tool to curb your snacking habit.  You don't want that cookie to get all soggy, do you?

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