Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cafe Spice - Another Bucket List Item Checked Off

Wednesday night we checked another item off our Baltimore Bucket List by heading out of Baltimore, and north to Cockeysville to go to our favorite Indian restaurant (and possibly our favorite restaurant of all), Cafe Spice.  The owners are so sweet, they cook amazing food, and since they relocated to their location in Cockeysville about a year ago from Towson, the restaurant is even beautiful too!  Check out those umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.  I've been angling to get the owner to bring me back one the next time she goes to India :)  She picked out all the decor in the restaurant herself, and it's all wonderful. 
Since the owners are both vegetarian, there are tons of options on the menu ... unfortunately a lot fewer of which are actually vegan.  I ordered the Malabari Vegetables, while Josh ordered the (non-vegan) Kaju Masala.  We also ordered onion kulcha, which when I bit into it really seemed like it's probably made with butter or ghee, so I only had a small piece and then left it alone. 
What I did not leave alone was the delicious and complementary rice pudding they brought us after the meal.  Didn't I say the owners were sweet?  They almost always send some little, free sweet treat out when you're finished - no need to order a big dessert!  Since it was there and it was a gesture of kindness, I went ahead and had a couple little spoonfuls.  And I won't lie ... they were delicious

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