Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving Errands and Lots of Italian Food

Saturday Josh and I were super productive in the morning getting moving-related errands done, but we still had a chance to recuperate in the afternoon and enjoy the beautiful weather Baltimore has been having for the past week.  The first thing we did bright and early was bring a few things over to Josh's parents' house to store because we don't want to move them to Silver Spring but aren't quite ready to part with them either.  Then we borrowed their big station wagon to take an arm chair to get reupholstered (two birds with one stone - we don't have to move it with everything else this weekend, plus it really needed to get reupholstered). 
Since the upholstery guy was down in Highlandtown, we decided to head around the corner to DiPasquale's for lunch.  This wasn't officially on our Baltimore bucket list, but I'm glad we made it there before we moved.  It's got wonderfully authentic Italian food, and it's so much fun to look around at all the interesting stuff in their market while you wait for your food. 
But because the weather was so beautiful, we grabbed our sandwiches to go rather than eating-in.  We headed over to Patterson Park and found a gorgeous spot in the shade to picnic.  There were lots of people out and about, but the park is so huge it still didn't feel crowded.  And check out this dead tree?!  I thought it was eerie and amazing at the same time. 
We both got the Calabrese sandwich, which comes with artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, olives, tomato, onion, cucumber, and baby greens.  (Josh kept the provolone, while I had mine without.)  It was delicious.  And can you believe that picture is of the "small" sandwich?!?  I don't even know what they kind of bread they use for a "large" ...

For dinner we had Italian food yet again (if you can call my random mixture of ingredients on top of pasta Italian ...)  I continued my quest to use up food before we move, including this package of Yves Meatless Ground.  Apparently I buy lots of Yves at stick it in the freezer, only for it to sit around for months while I merrily go about buying more food and eating that instead.  That's why I had Yves breakfast patties too. 

It's actually kind of fun trying to use up food, though I haven't had to get terribly inventive just yet.  For Saturday's dinner, I managed to use up the meatless ground plus a box of pasta and most of the rest of a jar of pasta sauce.  I sauteed the mushrooms and meatless ground in olive oil, added cooked pasta, and tossed with sauce.  Easy peasy.  Kind of like hamburger helper ...  which I only had once as a kid (at a friend's house, of course), but I remember being awesome :) 

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