Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Very Belated Blog Post

It seems going out of town every weekend is really taking a toll on the timeliness of my blog posts.  This post on last Wednesday's eats is now almost a full week overdue.  I'll really have to step it up if I want to catch up on everything that's happened in the past week.  And with the big move now less than two weeks away, there will be plenty more to keep me distracted from the blog!
Luckily, last Wednesday wasn't too complicated a day, so I will just do a quick recap ... starting with the morning's breakfast smoothie - raspberry!  We were out of bananas, so I just mixed together frozen raspberries, protein powder, flax, vanilla soy milk, and just a touch of vanilla coconut ice cream.  It was delicious and a beautiful pink color, but I was picking raspberry seeds out of my teeth until mid-morning!
For lunch I enjoyed a piece of leftover rustic onion, potato, and blue cheese tart.  This is definitely another one of those recipes that is just as great as leftovers.  (As long as you're careful not to nuke it to the point of lava core temperature!) 
Our little indoor basil plant has been growing quite huge lately (not a bad problem to have), so I decided to prune a bit and make some yummy fresh pesto sauce for dinner.  It was also a great opportunity to use up some frozen peas (not sure when or why we originally bought those, but we need to get rid of excess food before the move!).  I mixed together linguine, grape tomatoes, peas, and pesto for a quick and delicious dinner. 
And because we need to use up food, of course I had to finish off the last of the chocolate coconut ice cream for dessert!  You can't really move frozen food easily, after all.  It was for the good of the move ... really!

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