Monday, August 26, 2013

Moving Day!

Moving day was pretty crazy.  Of course, I got up really early Saturday morning because I couldn't sleep, so I ate a slice of leftover Johnny Rad's pizza and blogged for a bit before I started to do actual moving-related stuff. 
The scene in our living room was insane.  Boxes and suitcases everywhere, plus all the furniture that was in there normally.  I tried to move almost everything into the living room before the move so we wouldn't have to move it through the apartment to get it to the front door.  I really planned out every moment of the move!
Once things started to get towards actual moving time, I was so nervous I could barely eat, but I forced myself to have a few sips of a Blue Machine Naked Juice anyway.  I sipped on it throughout the move, along with a Dragon Fruit Vitamin Water. 
For the move out of Baltimore it was just me, Josh, and Josh's dad.  But I'd planned so much and packed as much as I could, so we got the whole apartment emptied out in less than two hours!  It really helped that our apartment is right off the elevator, and we had use of the building's dolly to carry many boxes at once. 

We were done so early we actually didn't know what to do with ourselves.  The freight elevator at the Silver Spring apartment wasn't supposed to be reserved until 3, so we had tons of time to kill before driving down there.  We headed over to Chipotle to use a 2-for-1 coupon we'd gotten in the mail, and each grabbed a burrito bowl for lunch.  Again, I still didn't feel hungry, but I forced myself to eat it. 
Then we headed out, with me driving the Uhaul while Josh drove his car (loaded up as well).  We got to Silver Spring by about 2 and I got to work finding out where to put the Uhaul to unload. 
And that's where we ran into problems ...
Somehow, the building lost the freight elevator reservation I'd made more than a month ago.  And the freight elevators were reserved all day ...   

We were able to move boxes through the lobby, but we had to wait until after 6 pm to get a freight elevator for our furniture.  Not a good way to start out with new building management.  The worst part was that they acted like we'd just messed up, even though I'd actually been extra conscientious to reserve it so far in advance (I'd thought!).  Needless to say, neither of us were pleased. 
Luckily we had tons of friends over to help us move, and with nothing to do moving-wise for hours, we just hung out and snacked on Crab Chips, Sweet Chili Doritos, and Nutter Butters.  Plus more than a few beers ...
Once we'd gotten the truck completely unloaded and returned we ordered a few pizzas from Papa Johns (which is now right downstairs from us), and drank some more beer.  Despite the setbacks, it turned out to be a really fun (if tiring!) day.  I'm so glad we have such amazing friends to help us out and enjoy good times together.  And now that we live even closer to them, we can see them more often too!

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