Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ravioli With Sage and Butter Sauce

Despite trying to eat out most of this week before the move, Josh and I opted for dinner at home Tuesday night to finish off leftover sage from biscuits and gravy and a bit more Earth Balance butter.  Fortunately, the best way to do this is to have butternut squash ravioli with sage and butter sauce!   
The ravioli from Rising Moon Organics (which I buy at MOM's) is so delicious, and a lot of my favorite pre-vegan flavors are actually vegan without me ever knowing it!  In addition to the butternut squash flavor, the Mediterranean garlic and herb, spinach Florentine, and artichoke and olive flavors are all vegan too!   
Plus sage and butter sauce is basically the easiest pasta topping ever created (except maybe just tossing with plain olive oil).  Just boil pasta and in the last few minutes of cooking, melt butter in a pan and toss in chopped sage.  Then toss the pasta in your sauce and voila ... delicious dinner! 

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