Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last Day ... And No Kitchen Stuff

It's finally moving day!!!! 
I can't believe it's finally here.  I'm sitting on the floor blogging on an ottoman now because the couch is covered in plastic and I'm completely surrounded by boxes.  It's definitely an interesting sight. 

The last few days have been pretty stressful, but yesterday was definitely the worst.  And to make matters worse, all our kitchen stuff had been packed up, so I spent the day teleworking from home but still had to eat with none of the home comforts.  To start, without my Cuisinart for a morning protein shake, I turned to a Naked Juice Green Machine instead.  It was pretty good, but once I'd drinken it half way down I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder and some vanilla soy milk and shook it up.  Then it was amazing!

For lunch I had a Simply Asia noodle bowl.  You still need a fork to eat this, but otherwise it comes with it's own little bowl and lid.  Just mix together ingredients, add water, and microwave.  Insta-meal combined with insta-dinner ware.  It doesn't get much handier than that!  I also snacked on an apple mid-afternoon - another helpfully self-contained food item. 
For dinner we checked the last item off our Baltimore Bucket List by heading out to Johnny Rad's.  This pizza restaurant and bar has a decidedly sports theme (focused on skate boarding, oddly), but it's also got some of the best pizza in Baltimore plus they offer tons of vegetarian meat substitutions like veggie pepperoni and veggie sausage (which I've never actually tried, but I'm glad they offer) and ... vegan cheese!  We even heard the people at the next table talking about the vegan cheese.  Clearly, it's a must-visit for the Baltimore vegan. 
Since we were trying to enjoy ourselves and not worry about the move, I ordered a Lambic Framboise to start the evening.  This stuff is so delicious, but also a pretty high alcohol proof.  It's probably the tastiest way to get drunk if you wanted to have a few of them.  But also a very expensive way compared to your average beer.  But hey ... it was a special occasion! 
Josh and I ordered a large 15 inch El Gato pizza, which normally comes with basil, olive oil, garlic sauce, ricotta, mozarella, and sea salt.  We also added sun dried tomatoes, and of course I got my side with vegan cheese.  Before our pizza came Josh ordered himself the huff puppies appetizer, which was one of the items I really enjoyed at Johnny Rad's in my pre-vegan days.  Sadly, they use eggs in the huff puppies, plus mayo in the sauce, so I just had to sit and be jealous.  Plus scheme of ways to make my own, vegan huff puppies at home!  Stay tuned ...
But even after all my austerity with the huff puppies, I cracked when it came time for dessert.  Josh ordered himself this amazing-looking Oreo pie and offered me a taste.  I definitely rationalized a ton on this one.  It was already ordered.  Someone was going to eat that bite ... it was either him or me.  And at least the Oreo part is vegan ...  Needless to say, I had the bite.  And it was delicious.  Does "hey, it was a special occasion!" work twice in one post? 

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