Saturday, June 15, 2013


Thursday started with a strawberry banana smoothie.  For the entire drive into work the radio talked about how much rain we would be getting and possibly even hail.  They said it was important to stay indoors, and only go outside if it was absolutely necessary.  They even called it "Stormageddon" at one point.  So you can imagine how scary it was to drive into work.  I mean, just look at what I saw walking the two blocks from the parking garage to my building:  
Once I got into work I had to eat a few vegan thin mints as a mid-morning snack to calm my nerves. 
And because I'd been so flustered getting my butt out the door in the morning, all I had for lunch was a quick microwave meal from Tasty Bite that I'd gotten as a free sample at Baltimore VegFest
The microwave mushroom lo mein was actually really good, and helpfully says right on the package that it's vegan, in addition to being kosher, and GMO-, MSG-, and preservative-free.
That one little package made a huge bowl of noodles that was super filling and satisfying. 
I didn't even snack on my usual peanut butter oatmeal in the afternoon, but kept my snacking healthier by eating an apple. 
I don't have a window in my office at work, so I never even saw it rain.  But there were a few puddles when I came out of work, so I suppose it did.  Not exaclty Stormageddon ...

When I got home I snacked on some tortilla chips before my boyfriend got home and we could have dinner.  We made chipotle adobo black beans, which are always really tasty but also very healthy.  I topped mine with a slice of vegan pepper jack cheese, vegan sour cream, and sliced avocado.  Yum!


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