Monday, June 10, 2013

Dinner at Lost City Diner

Saturday morning started with a delicious strawberry banana smoothie.  But apparently I should have gone the chocolate banana route, because a little while later I was craving a chocolate fix and had a big scoop of chocolate frosting straight from the can!  Whomp whomp.  Not healthy at all.  But sometimes you just need a little treat.  And it's better than an entire piece of chocolate cake with frosting.  As long as this is only a very occasional habit it's not that bad.  And it's no where near as problematic as my peanut butter habit seems to be. 

While we were out running errands, including a trip to the grocery store, my boyfriend and I decided to stop by the Wegman's prepared foods bar for a quick and easy lunch.  Normally there are tons of vegan options at Wegman's, all helpfully labeled when they are vegan, but Saturday I wasn't quite so lucky.  There were still some things, but not much of it looked very good, and I ended up wandering around with an empty container for a really long time before finally choosing a few things that I wasn't too excited about. 
I ended up with hush puppies with no sauce, southwestern bean salad, coconut curry tofu, and vegetable lo mein.  A really weird combination, huh?  The hush puppies and curry tofu were both really good (though I ended up dipping my hush puppies into the curry sauce because they're too dry plain), but the lo mein was only so-so and the bean salad was actually so bad I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites - way too heavy on the vinegar.  I hate to be wasteful, but I ended up leaving about 1/3 of my food over.  I guess I need to learn not to load up on food I don't really want just because I think I should fill the container. 
And because I didn't end up eating much at lunch I needed a snack mid-afternoon in a bad way.  Trying to make up for the chocolate frosting incident in the morning, I snacked on a hanful of almonds to keep hunger pangs at bay. 
For dinner my boyfriend and I decided to head out and try a restaurant we've never been to before, even though it's really close to our apartment: Lost City Diner
I love the concept of Lost City Diner - funky, sci-fi themed, 50's-style diner.  They have great vintage sci-fi comic book covers lining the walls, and the wait staff where vintage army uniforms.  Plus, the menu features tons of vegetarian and vegan options, including vegan milk shakes!  It sounds like it would be my paradise. 
Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  Though there are tons of vegan options, they mostly consist of substituting fake meat and vegan cheese onto standard diner fare.  Veggie burger with vegan cheese, vegetarian chicken pattie with vegan cheese, meatball sub, BLT with vegetarian bacon, etc.  All of these are things I can and do make easily at home.  And the vegan milkshakes I was so excited about are $3 more than a regular milkshake, so you end up paying $8 for a milkshake you could also probably make better yourself at home. 
Attempting to order something I don't make all the time I ordered the eggplant parmesan sandwich with vegan cheese.  Yuck!  There's a reason I don't make this myself.  The eggplant was a greasy mess, soaking straight through the bun.  (Reminded me of that episode of the Simpson's where Homer is trying to gain weight so he eats food that turns paper clear!)  And the fries on the side looked like they were straight from an Ore Ida bag. 

It was such a shame because I love the decor of this place and really appreciate that they offer so many vegan choices, but I suppose I shouldn't have expected much from a diner-style restaurant.  Maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't want to eat horribly greasy food like this anymore.  I'm glad this restaurant exists because it represents an interest in supplying vegan food in Baltimore, but I don't think I'll ever be going back.  

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