Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chocolate Overload and Pesto Pasta

Monday started in typical fashion with a chocolate banana protein shake after spending a half hour reading on the stationary bike.  This would be a great breakfast if you'd worked out really hard and needed to fuel up with protein, but I suppose it works just as well if you only did a half-a**ed workout and just love chocolatey goodness. 
For lunch I made myself a blast-from-the-past meal of taco pizza bread.  I used to make this for myself all the time when I came home from school.  Just toast two slices of bread, then top with salsa and melted cheese.  I used vegan pepper jack.  Not exactly gourmet, but tasty nonetheless. 
After lunch I snacked on some graham crackers topped with leftover frosting from horchata cupcakes.  Can you believe after making two batches of cupcakes in less than a week I still have leftover frosting?!  I will definitely need to halve the frosting recipe next time I make these.
A little later in the afternoon I had a banana with a big scoop of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter.  This is the before picture - before I smashed it all up into a gooey, delicious mess.  It was glorious. 
Dinner was pasta with vegan pesto sauce.  I used fresh basil, pinenuts, garlic powder, onion powder, olive oil, and Parmela vegan Parmesan. See how wonderfully green?  That's the difference you get when you use fresh basil right off the plant!  And of course I sprinkled a bit more Parmela on top. 
For dessert I made myself some peanut butter cup oatmeal using more dark chocolate dreams peanut butter.  Yes, that would be my third serving of chocolate in just one day.  I don't care! Yummo!

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