Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being Sick is No Fun!

Being sick is no fun at all.  Fortunately, I work from home Mondays, so I had access to lots of comfort food to soothe my sore throat and kleenex for my runny nose.  I was a big mess.  I didn't leave the house all day and spent most of the day running around spray bleaching everything to kill germs. 
My throat was so sore that I spent most of the day drinking liquids, rather than eating any real food.  Luckily I had lots of Ghiradeli hazelnut hot chocolate on hand, which I mixed up with vanilla soy milk.  Love this stuff.  I had two big mugs of it in the morning. 
A little while later I decided I should get a little real food, so I snacked on an apple mixed berry fruit squish'em.  I think there's a hint of vitamin C in those things too ...
Around lunchtime I made myself a mango banana protein shake for a little sustenance and more vitamin C to boost the immune system. 
I was really lucky that I had leftover soup from Saturday night's dinner that I could easily reheat for dinner Monday.  Both my boyfriend and I were sick grumps and didn't feel like preparing anything.  But the soup was warm and delicious, and full of protein. 
Because I didn't feel like writing about it Sunday, I didn't get to rave about this soup when I first made it.  But you can see from the pictures it was a bit involved.  It's another recipe from Vegan Soul Kitchen, and it's probably my favorite so far.  It is tempeh and shitake mushroom soup with cornmeal dumplings - like a play on chicken and dumplings!  It involved separatately browning tempeh, sauteeing veggies, then mixing the two together into soup, and making dumplings to serve the soup over.  It is soooo good.  I'll definitely be making this again very soon. 

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