Saturday, June 8, 2013

Need to Break the Oatmeal Habit!

So of course Thursday morning started off with a chocolate banana protein shake.  I've been having fruit so much lately to try to get vitamin C, but now that I'm doing a lot better it was back to the chocolate!!!
For lunch I tried to be really healthy by eating leftover mashed parsnips with baby carrots and grape tomatoes on the side. 
But of course I broke down not too much later and snacked on oatmeal with a big scoop of peanut butter.  I really can't seem to break away from this habit.  It's not exactly doughnut-a-day unhealthy, but it's really not very good for me.  I've got to try to break this streak. 
When I got home I snacked on some beautiful fresh cherries before dinner.  They aren't quite at the peak of season yet, so they're still a little tart.  But they're still probably my favorite fruit and I love when stores start selling them in summer.  Funnily enough, even though I love fresh cherries, I've always hated any fake cherry flavored candy (starbursts, skittles, etc.).  I think it might be from having cherry Robitussin when I was sick.  Or maybe it's just the poor immitation of real cherry flavor that does it. 
For dinner I whipped up some quick meatball subs using vegetarian meatballs (with no egg, so vegan!), vegan pepper jack cheese, pasta sauce, and some fresh basil leaves.  The meatballs lost their shape a bit and the end result was a bit more like a sloppy joe.  But they were still really tasty and only took about ten minutes to make.  I pretty much always consider dinner a success if it tastes good and comes together with very little effort. 

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