Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baking (Continued) and More of the Best Pasta Ever

Tuesday morning started with a chocolate banana protein shake.  Sometimes I choose my protein shake flavor based on mood, but more often than not the flavor is really a better indication of whether I'm feeling lazy or rushed in the morning.  My boyfriend almost always prefers a chocolate protein shake to fruit, so if I'm lazy or rushed I will have the same thing since it's much easier to make two of the same than put together different shakes.  So basically if I have a fruit smoothie instead it's because I'm feeling particularly ambitious ... or because my boyfriend either didn't want a shake or was willing to go the fruit route with me. 
Meanwhile, see the protein powder in the background?  I never even bother to put the cannisters away since we use it every day.  They're a permanent fixture on the counter.  Right next to the fruit stand ...
For lunch I enjoyed the last of the fruit salad from our friends' going away party Sunday night. 
And then of course I had to snack on some peanut butter oatmeal later in the afternoon.  Yeah, I guess that's one habit I won't be breaking anytime soon ...
When I got home from work I got to work I snacked on a small handful of almonds so I wouldn't eat too much of the baked goods while I got to work finishing up the cupcakes and cookies I'd started Monday
Easier said than done, of course.  Especially when I decided to try using a ziploc bag to frost the cupcakes and the bag ripped.  I got frosting all over my hands.  And of course the best way to clean frosting off your fingers is to lick them off! 
Yeah, I was a total mess during the baking process, but as long as everything looks good in the end, that's all I care about.  (I'll share pictures of all the finished products in my next post.)
Once I had finished up my baking extravaganza I got to work on dinner.  I still had leftover cashew cream and all the other ingredients for the best pasta ever, so there was no question what I'd be making for dinner.  Plus once you've made the cashew cream sauce the rest of the dinner comes together really quickly and easily. 
This time I used gemelli pasta rather than spaghetti, which was just as good (if not better!).  This recipe is so delicious, it's definitely one of my new favorites. 
After dinner I had to try one of the horchata cupcakes to make sure they tasted fine.  It was all in the name of ensuring I served something good to my coworkers, of course.  It wasn't at all that I just wanted a tasty dessert ...
Fortunately, the cupcake was really great.  So good, in fact, that my boyfriend decided to have two.  This recipe is definitely another keeper!  

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