Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dinner (and Dessert!) at One World Cafe

Happy weekend!  It's been incredibly hot around here the past couple of days, so it's been hard to force myself outside to do anything.  Today I had a bunch of errands to run, so I've been in and out all day.  And every time I go out I get so sweaty I need to change my clothes when I come back in.  Ugh!  But back to recapping yesterday ...
I work from home Fridays, so I got to enjoy my chocolate banana protein shake leisurely as I got to work. 
I'm incredibly fortuante to be able to telework two days a week, but it also means I have to be careful because I'm around all my food and I can go whip up a snack anytime I want. 
For instance ... yesterday I started to get some hunger-pangs mid-morning so I microwaved a bit of nacho flavored Teese and mixed it with a bit of salsa (like the Velveeta dip!) and ate it with a few chips.  I managed to restrain myself and not make a big bowl of this stuff. 
For lunch I made one of my favorites, a vegan tuna sandwich using Asmar's vegetarian tuna!  Love this stuff. 
And then of course I had to snack again mid-afternoon, so I enjoyed a Dole apple mixed berry fruit squish'em.  Yeah, it's just apple sauce in a little pouch like all the other brands are doing now.  I don't know who the marketing genius was who came up with "fruit squish'em", but I hope they were fired.  It's really unappetizing sounding.  But it tastes just fine. 
Dinner was really the most exciting part of yesterday.  And almost the only time I even went outside (once it was much cooler in the evening).  My boyfriend and I went out to One World Cafe.  They always have a specials menu going, in addition to their fabulous regular menu, and last night's specials were all vegan (except for one). 
I ordered black eyed peas with dirty rice and garlic kale.  It was really good, but the main reason I ordered it was because it came with a side of blue corn muffins with vegan maple butter.  These things are so delicious, it's amazing. 
Luckily I went to check on the dessert case just after we ordered and noticed that the vegan cakes were going fast, so I asked the waitress to set aside a piece of vanilla coconut cake too.  I'm glad I did, because there were only a few pieces left and all their vegan desserts sell out fast
The cake was so tasty, but also way too huge to finish at the restaurant, so I had to take half home with me.  Two servings of cake for the price of one.  Why, thank you! 

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