Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet Cornmeal-Coconut Butter Drop Biscuits and Chocolate Tofu Dessert

Monday morning I tweaked my usual morning protein shake by using coconut water leftover after making coconut whipped cream to top the chocolate cakes for Saturday night's dessert.  I mixed the coconut water with banana, frozen mango, vanilla protein powder, flax seed, and a little vanilla soy milk to fill the cup.  It looks like a total mess pre-blending, but once it was made it tasted delicious!
Mid-morning I decided to try another recipe out of Vegan Soul Kitchen - Sweet Cornmeal-Coconut Butter Drop Biscuits.  Sometimes its hard for me to pick a recipe out of a cookbook when there's no picture to entice me, but these biscuits sounded so delicious I couldn't resist! 
And the recipe didn't disappoint.  The preparation was really simple and the ingredient list wasn't too difficult to obtain.  Coconut butter required a bit of hunting before I found it at Whole Foods, and I definitely could have done without the sticker shock.  I'll just have to find lots of excuses to use coconut butter in the future.  Maybe more biscuits?
One thing I need to keep in mind next time I make these is to put the rack closer to the top of the oven rather than the middle - the bottoms of the biscuits got closer to dark brown than I would have preferred. 
Of course once the biscuits were made I had to sample a couple with a delicious lunch of leftovers.  I reheated leftover fajita fixings from Arcos along with roasted rosemary potatoes from The Laughing Pint.  It was a ton of food and all of it delicious! 
Once I finished up with work I headed downstairs to the building's gym to read Solaris on the exercise bike and then do so many squats my legs felt like jello afterwards.  My book club meeting for Solaris is Thursday, and even though it's a short book I've found myself slow to read it.  I will really have to push to finish it in time. 
By the time I finished at the gym my boyfriend was home from work so after a quick shower I got right to work on dinner.  We have had some Gardein beefless tips in the freezer for a while now, so despite my boyfriend's strong objections I decided to cook some up for dinner.  He's pretty strongly against fake meats unless they are in veggie burger, fake deli meat, or possibly breaded fake chicken form. 
Hoping I could make them to his liking regardless, I sauteed the beefless tips in oil, then added chopped mushrooms and leaks to the pan.  And of course I served a few biscuits on the side.  Unfortunately, my lovely preparation was not enough for him and after a few bites he gave up and only ate the biscuits.  Whomp whomp.
A while later he made himself a sandwich using Asmar's tuna for dinner.  I guess I won't be buying anymore Gardein beefless tips ...  I thought they tasted fine, but I definitely wouldn't consider them stellar enough to make them for myself while my boyfriend has to eat something else. 
For dessert I served myself some chocolate tofu mousse leftover from making Saturday's chocolate cakes.  It seems so odd, given what it is (chocolate chips, melted Earth Balance, and tofu blended together) but tastes so good.  The only thing is that after storing in the fridge it needs to come back to room temperature to get that mousse-y texture.  It tastes like  a delicious chocolate indulgence but is actually pretty healthy because of the tofu.  I think I've stumbled on something really amazing here! 

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