Sunday, June 16, 2013

Italian Flat Bread, Cheesy Bean Spread, and a Cold Glass of Lemonade

Friday morning it was a bit chilly, so instead of my normal protein shake I decided to start the day with some peppermint hot chocolate.  I used leftover thin mint cookie frosting mixed with warm chocolate soy milk.  It was warm and delicious - perfect for a cold morning. 
A little while later the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. 
I decided to try out a recipe I printed up years ago but never had a chance to try - Italian flat bread.  Luckily, it's naturally vegan.  The ingredients are simple enough: water, yeast, all purpose flour, semolina flour, and salt.  The recipe also calls for you to brush the top with butter and sprinkle with sea salt (I subbed out Earth Balance). 

Unfortunately, though the recipe told you how hot to preheat the oven, it never actually specified how long to bake the bread.  I decided to check it after ten minutes and found that that was already too long.  Whomp whomp. 

The bread came out very golden brown - more toward the brown side than golden - but luckily it hadn't actually burned.  But it was definitely crispier than I'd hoped for. 

I tested a piece for lunch by topping it with a bit of mustard, Tofurky, and vegan pepper jack cheese.  Sort of an open-faced Tofurky sandwich.  It was really tough - a mouth muscle workout - but otherwise tasty.  The flavor was excellent, so I'll definitely try this recipe again but with a baking time of more like 6 or 7 minutes. 

After lunch I snacked on a leftover horchata cupcake for dessert. 

For dinner I made this recipe for cheesy beany spread to have with the flat bread.   The recipe was really simple with almost no preparation required.  All you needed was a blender.  I loved the smokey flavor of the spread.  It really reminded me of smoked gouda.  I wouldn't say the actual "cheese" flavor was captured all that much, but it was really good either way. 

And it was the perfect accompanyment for the flat bread.  The bread was crisp enough that it was like a cross between bread and crackers.  Not ideal, but I'm sure it will be much better next time!

After dinner I enjoyed a glass of horchata, but after sitting around for a bit my boyfriend and I decided we were both bored and thirsty.  So to address both of these issues we decided to head out to Target to buy all the supplies necessary to make lemonade.  Basically, this meant we needed lemons and a juicer (we already had sugar and water on hand). 

We picked up a small hand juicer (the last one they had at Target!) that gathers the juice in a small container while filtering out the seeds.  It actually works really well and doesn't require a whole lot of strength or time to get a fair amount of lemon juice.  Though it would be a lot more work if you wanted to use this to make fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Six lemons later we had delicious, refreshing, home-made lemonade! 

And a couple of thin mint cookies on the side ...  The perfect end to the day!

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