Sunday, June 23, 2013

Work Picnic Woes

Apologies for the long blogging hiatus.  I've been really busy lately, but also I just haven't felt much like blogging.  I guess the feeling comes and goes.  But I have still been taking pictures, so all I have to do is catch back up over the next couple of days.   I started to blog Wednesday, but truthfully the day was really boring with no new food or other fun activities, so I ended up just deleting it.  So onto Thursday ...

Thursday morning started off with a delicious strawberry banana protein shake. 
Mid-morning at work I came across this horrifying sight in the kitchen.  Delicious looking cupcakes!  Which I knew couldn't possibly be vegan ...  :(   And I love cupcakes so much.  It was very sad. 
To make up for it I went back to my office and snacked on some kettle corn.  Slightly sweet, it helped to take the dessert-craving edge off.  
I didn't pack a lunch Thursday because our office picnic was held that afternoon.  When the e-mail first went out advertising the picnic and it's caterers - Adam's Ribs - I was pretty concerned about my food options.  It was the same caterer the year before when I was vegetarian, but I knew last year I had cole slaw, pasta salad, and a wrap sandwich made with cheese - plenty of food options.  This year all of those would be off limits.  I contacted the organizers and they said Adam's Ribs could make the wrap without cheese and there would be fruit salad.  Not a lot of food, but at least it gets you the afternoon off work.  So I gave them my $10. 
The picnic was held at Sandy Point State Park, a pretty little park right on the Chesapeake Bay.  Last year it was 105 degrees for the picnic, so this year was a lot better at about 80.  And we were set up under a few picnic pavilions, so in the shade it was even better. 

Turns out my worries were pretty unnecessary.  When I arrived I got my packet, including a schedule, ticket for a veggie wrap, ticket for a snow ball (for some reason they called it a snow cone on the ticket - whoever designed these must not be from Maryland), and a raffle ticket (not pictured).  The wrap was just a bunch of grilled veggies wrapped in a flour tortilla, but it was filling and reasonably tasty - it's hard to mess up veggies.  I also ate a generous portion of fruit salad and didn't even end up needing the snow ball.  Mostly I just took the time to enjoy the company of my coworkers and catch up with people I don't get to see that often.  Plus when you leave the picnic your work day is done, so we all got to go home a couple hours early!

When I got home I snacked on some chips and guacamole before dinner.  (Maybe the wrap wasn't sooo filling.) 

For dinner I made an old favorite that I invented myself but probably haven't made in years - since my days poor and unskilled at cooking back in law school.  It's lentils, canned tomatoes, white beans (any kind will do, I used navy beans), pasta sauce, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper.  Easy peasy.  And very tasty.  It's more of a winter food, but it's still great in summer (as long as you have the a/c on).  

And for dessert my boyfriend and I both enjoyed graham crackers topped with horchata frosting while watching Confetti, a Brittish movie about a magazine running a "most unusual wedding" contest.  It was hilarious!  (As long as you're okay with a lot of gratuitous male nudity.) 

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