Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm a Baking Machine (Part 1)

Monday morning started out not bright but early with a chocolate banana protein shake.  In fact, it never really got bright all day.  It was pretty much raining, storming, or about to rain literally all day.  Not too fun.  But fortunately I made things a bit brighter inside by spending a lot of my day baking for a work lunch that happened today. 
Panda loves it when I bake.  She spends the whole time stalking around hoping I'll let her lick something.  She's not all that stealthy about it.  Mostly she circles my feet, rubbing up against my legs, and then springs up into the sink if she sees me drop anything in there.  I know it's not good for her, so I try to rinse things off as best I can, but she always seems to think there's still lots of good flavor to be had.  She'll even drink the water!  '
I planned to make two different treats for the lunch: the horchata cupcakes I mentioned yesterday, and these thin mint cookies.  Since the cupcakes were a new recipe, I wanted to hedge my bets by making the cookies too just in case the cupcakes were a disaster.  Luckily, they weren't ... so I ended up with two delicious vegan treats to share! 
I also planned to make both desserts over the course of two days to cut down on the workload.  Monday I made the cupcakes and the cookies themselves, while Tuesday I made the cupcake frosting and chocolate cookie coating.  Lots of work, but these desserts are worth it! 
For lunch I ate the rest of my eggplant parmesan sandwich and fries that I had saved from dinner at Lost City Diner ... yuck!  Even worse as leftovers ...  But I hate to waste food. 
To make up for all that grease I snacked on some fruit salad after lunch.  The fruit salad was actually leftover from my friends' going away party.  They ordered way too much food for the party, so I was more than happy to help them get rid of some of it! 
Then once I'd started snacking I couldn't stop.  For the rest of the afternoon I snacked like crazy.  First some pistachios ...
And then some cherries ...
And finally I went hard core and grabbed the dark chocolate dreams peanut butter! 
Plus of course I'd sampled some of my baking creations as I went along ... a spoon lick here, and big chunk of cookie batter there.  Hey, there's no eggs, so no worries! 
For dinner I decided I needed something pretty light and fresh, so I whipped up B.A.T. sandwiches - bacon, avocado, and tomato.  It's fake bacon, of course, but I can't very well call them F.A.T. sandwiches, can I? 

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