Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Photographic Evidence

Sunday's when I really started to get sick, so I didn't really take any pictures that day.  I just wanted to be a lump, and was pretty upset about any activity that prevented me from maintaining my lump state. 
Unfortunately, there were a lot of said activities because I had a book club meeting at lunch and then my boyfriend and I went to dinner at his parents' house. 
While I did take a picture of my lunch destination, Golden West Cafe, from the oustide, I didn't bother with any photos of my Aztec burrito.  Nor did I bother with photos of dinner (Tofurky sausage, white bean and tomato salad, asparagus, and marinated tomatoes, plus vegan strawberry shortcake for dessert - yum!). 
On my way outside to head to lunch, however, I did snap a quick shot of this flowering tree - one of many that line the streets in my neighborhood.  They smell amazing and only bloom for a short while, so I'm particularly sad that my sense of smell is not it's best right now.  Anyone have any idea what these are?  Maybe someday I'll have a house of my own and I can plant these everywhere. 

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