Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Riblet Sliders

Since I planned to roast a sweet potato for Thursday night's dinner (which for some reason always takes 1 1/2 hours), we weren't going to be eating until very late.  Needing something a lot sooner, Josh and I ran out to the grocery store and grabbed French bread and artichoke spread for this quick and easy appetizer.  We ended up serving the same thing to his Dad when he came to visit Saturday - so simple, yet you look like a classy host! 
Eventually the sweet potato got soft enough to mash, and I put together dinner - riblet sliders with caramelized onion sweet potatoes on the side.  After I bought all those slider rolls a while back, they've been sitting in my freezer while I brainstormed what to do with them.  Without a lot of great ideas, I finally decided on using MorningStar Farms riblets.  I also caramelized onions and mixed them in with mashed sweet potatoes and a little salt and pepper for an easy (if not quick) dinner. 
Four slider rolls down ... eight to go!

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