Friday, October 4, 2013

Work Party

Tuesday at work I hosted another one of my periodic work lunches (the semi-required task I took on after the coworker who started these lunches retired).  Being in charge of the lunch requires getting soda, cups, plates, and napkins, plus providing desserts and sometimes ordering pizza for those who want it (and hopefully pay!).  For the last lunch I hosted, I opted not to order any pizza.  Most people don't want it, and I thought it would be a lot easier to just not have any pizza than order an entire half pizza for myself with no cheese. 
But after a few people asked about the absent pizza at the last lunch, I decided it was best to bring it back this time, and just save the extra cheeseless slices for lunch the next day.  Not such a bad deal, since cheeseless pizza is actually really good!  Plus by nixing the cheese you save about a hundred calories.  Not a bad deal. 
For dessert, I decided to make another batch of shortbread cookies.  At the very least, even if no one else liked them I knew I would be able to eat them all by myself if I needed.  Actually, I got pretty close.  They were smaller cookies than last time, but I still ate about eight of them all by myself!  Fortunately, a lot of people who tried them also said they were great - and that they couldn't tell they were vegan!  And then the inevitable follow-up questions:
1. What did you use instead of butter?
2. What's in vegan butter? 
I guess I need to take a closer look at the Earth Balance ingredient list, because I never know how to answer that second one ...  I just said "oil, I think".  Makes sense, right? 

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