Friday, October 18, 2013

Lunch at Roti

Well, it's official ... I'm old.  Haha, just kidding.  Though I'm only a few (waking) hours into being 30, it really isn't so bad yet.  (Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself into throwing my back out later or something!)
I'm still super behind on my blog posts, so I'm also going to try my best to catch up a bit today.  Starting with Sunday's lunch (so long ago now!).  Josh and I ran some errands that day, and then stopped into Roti to grab a quick meal.  When you walk in the place looks and feels exactly like Chipotle, but they serve Middle Eastern food instead.  They even had these funny posters on the wall about how their food is all humane and locally sourced - also a major tenant of the Chipotle philosophy.  I thought this poster on "free range chick peas" was particularly hilarious.  I never used to worry about my chick peas living in cages ...
I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices at ordering, so I decided to just go with one of their "favorites" - the Sultan Sandwich.  I subbed out the chicken for falafel, but otherwise got the sandwich as described - hummus, tomato and cucumber, red cabbage slaw, and mixed greens with s'hug, their "very spicy sauce" (it was!).  It was delicious and really filling, but also tasted so fresh and healthy.  This is the kind of fast food you can feel good about getting all the time.  I'll definitely be wanting to go here again soon!

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