Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DC Veg Fest

I'm so sore from yesterday's Fran workout!  I can't believe how crazy stiff my legs are today from all those thrusters.  Not to mention my deltoids from the pulldowns ...  I guess that just goes to show how good a workout it was!  I'm going to try to periodically revisit some of the WODs I picked up during my month of Groupon-induced crossfitting and tweak them so that they can be done in my apartment's gym with the equipment I've got available to me.  That's not to say I'll never join another crossfit box, but with the cold weather coming, followed by the start of the legislative session, I don't think I'll be heading to a box until at least late next spring.  Plus I've always got climbing! 
Back to trying to catch up on old posts ...
Last weekend was DC Veg Fest!  Josh and I had already made plans to hang out with friends that day, but we hadn't decided on where to eat, so I convinced everybody it would be a great idea to head to Veg Fest.  Not so much ... 
It was a gorgeous day, which meant everybody in DC (practically) decided to go to Veg Fest too.  It was crazy crowded, and we showed up right at lunch time, so the line for every single food vendor was about a mile long.  To make matters worse, Josh and I didn't eat breakfast before heading out, so Josh was particularly cranky from hunger. 
We quickly found the shortest line available (not a good sign when you're choosing food, but we were desperate), which was for nachos.  We took our nachos and a picnic blanket over to the park next to the festival and sat down to dig in.  (The picture above looks so peaceful because we're far away from all the Veg Fest craziness).  The nachos were huge and came with a free frisbee!  They were just Tostitos topped with lettuce, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, chick peas, red onion, cilantro, nacho Teese, and cashew cream.  Josh hates Teese (says it tastes like chemicals), so he declared them "disgusting", but I thought they were pretty good.  I guess chemical taste doesn't bother me. 
Unfortunately, because of the crowd we really didn't want to spend any more time at Veg Fest.  We quickly stopped for a cupcake, but no one liked theirs very much - I thought it was way too sweet, while everyone else thought it was too "chewy". 
We left and ended up walking around the surrounding neighborhood for a bit before saying our goodbyes.  Unfortunately, it was not a good visit to Veg Fest, but I guess it was still a good time with friends!  The only part I was really upset about is that I didn't visit the Peanut Butter & Co. booth :(  I really wanted to buy three jars of peanut butter for $10 again like I did at Baltimore Veg Fest - such a good deal!  I guess I'll just have to buy mine at the grocery store the old fashioned way. 

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