Thursday, October 10, 2013

Relaxing Saturday

Saturday Josh and I caught up on some much-needed relaxation.  We both slept in late - Josh a bit later than me.  While Josh still slept, I sat out on the balcony enjoying a vegan scone (I made a batch Friday afternoon) and reading.  Can you believe I'd never read The Sun Also Rises?!  I finished it in less than a week - awesome book.  Though it does make you a bit irritated at the rich characters who have no real obligations and just spend their lives eating, drinking, and traveling.  Talk about entering another world when you read!
After rock climbing mid-day Josh was in a dumpling mood, so we headed out to China Bistro for lunch.  They had good reviews on Yelp, were particularly known for their dumplings, and (most importantly) were close to the climbing gym. 
Naturally, we ordered vegetarian dumplings.  We also grabbed an order of scallion pancakes (Josh's favorite) and some General Tso's tofu - which we promptly gobbled so fast I didn't even snap a picture!  It was sweet, but good.  The scallion pancakes were average (I can probably make better, but they're a bit of a hassle).  They're also not exactly good for you, so they should only be eaten very occasionally. 
The dumplings lived up to the hype.  I think the only place we've had better is actually in China.  Fortunately, one of the few things DC has over Baltimore is the abundance of delicious Chinese food.  We'll definitely be having a lot more in the future. 

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