Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dinner at Sweet Green

Josh and I are trying to make a more concerted effort to explore all of the (presumably) wonderful things Silver Spring has to offer.  To that end, we ended up at Sweet Green Thursday night for dinner before walking over to our local Whole Foods.  Sweet Green reminded us a lot of another fast salad place in the DC area that we like a lot, Chop't, but Sweet Green has the added benefit of actually being close to us
They have tons of different salad options, but I opted to go with the "Spicy Sabzi" - baby spinach, kale, spicy quinoa, carrots, spicy broccoli, basil, sprouts, raw beets, roasted tofu, topped with spicy vinagrette and sriracha.  Plus the helpful calorie count let me know that my salad would come in at 408 calories - probably not counting the delicious bread that comes on the side. 
The salad was amazing - and huge!  It was a bit spicy, but definitely not off the charts.  The mix of flavors was perfect, and there were enough items of "substance" to make it really filling.  I had a ton left over to eat for lunch on Friday.  For some reason the place was almost desserted (I guess it's more of a lunch spot), but that just meant it didn't feel hectic or rushed.  This is probably my new favorite spot in Silver Spring (at least until our next excursion). 
At Whole Foods we picked up this little bag of Angie's salted caramel kettle corn, so of course I had to indulge in a bit when we got home.  It was mostly sweet, with barely any salty, but it was still pretty good.  Even Josh liked it, and he doesn't like the sweet/salty combo (I love it!).  I probably won't be getting it again, but it was a nice indulgence after dinner in front of the TV. 

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