Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stovetop S'mores!

Okay, confession time.  I've been seriously indulging in s'mores lately.  I bought all the supplies to make s'mores on our trip to the Outer Banks way back at the beginning of September, but we never ended up making them.  So now a box of graham crackers, candy bars, and two bags of vegan marshmallows have been mocking me in the cupboard for a month.  Finally last week I broke down. 
Unfortunately, I had to settle for a much less authentic s'mores experience than I might have had roasting marshmallows on a big bonfire on the beach in Cape Hatteras, but I think the stovetop is a close enough second.  Plus it's a lot easier to hold your hand near the little stovetop flame than it is a 5-foot-tall bonfire.  And no worry about melting shoes ...
This was my first time trying vegan marshmallows.  I used Dandies Vegan Marshmallows (which seem to be everybody's favorite vegan marshmallow brand).  I don't know if it was the absense of gelatin, or some other quirk of the recipe, but they seemed a lot denser and heavier than your average marshmallow, but they still tasted just as good.  It just required a little extra cooking time to really get that gooey center that's so critical in s'more-making.  It was extra important since the Trader Joe's truffle chocolate bar I was using was on the thick side as well, and needed an extra gooey marshmallow to make sure it melted into s'more perfection. 
There's a real science to this whole s'more thing, you know.  And after a few tries last week (try, try, again!), I think I've got my stovetop s'more recipe down pat. 

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