Monday, November 4, 2013

Chipotle Sofritas!

In case you hadn't heard, Chipotle launched a new vegan menu item on October 21 - sofritas!  So far you can only find the shredded, seasoned tofu burrito and taco filling in select locations, but fortunately for me that includes Maryland and DC!  Though we didn't make it in the first day, Josh and I stopped by a Chipotle in Rockville after climbing a few days after the launch and ordered ourselves a couple of sofritas burritos. 
The sofritas is used just like the meat options as a filling that can be paired with rice, beans, salsa, and any other filling you would normally want on your burrito.  Since the vegetarian burrito allows all of these other fillings as well, it is a step up from the vegetarian in that it doesn't just take out the meat, but actually gives you something to replace it with - so you end up with a heartier, more filling meal option.  (Not that a vegetarian burrito isn't usually plenty filling in my book, but I suppose some people might find it lacking.) 
Even better than adding calories and density to your Chipotle meal, though, I thought the best thing about the sofritas was that it actually added spice as well.  The added kick was a great way to add some flavor intensity to my burrito, beyond what you can get from the hot salsa.  Even Josh, who normally finds Chipotle bland and way over-hyped compared to tastier but less popular competitors, said he would be happy to return for another sofritas burrito.  And for me, anything that gives more options to vegans - and recognizes that they even exist - is a win in my book! 

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