Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Trip to California

I can't believe I just got back from California last week!  Coming home it's so easy to fall back into your routine that the vacation feeling just melts away instantly and it's back to the old hum-drum.  But fortunately I took lots of pictures to look back at my wonderful trip to the Bay Area, which was full of lots of hiking and lots of eating.  I came back to find that the eating significantly outweighed the hiking (gained three pounds :'( ...), but it was all so good. 
There was a lot of Mexican food ...

Some sweet treats ...

And lots of other delicious food along the way ...

Plus a lot of great outdoor activities, including hiking and lying on the beach. 
I even found a great vegan snackbox to purchase on the plane when all of my planned snacks ran out and I was still starving a few hours from home.  But be warned, if you tip that bag of olives into your hand to get the last olive out, you will pour a ton of olive juice into your lap and look like an idiot. 
All in all it was a great trip and I can't wait to go back ... hopefully for a lot longer next time!  

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