Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Not Quite Vegan

Last Thursday I found myself pretty much out of all food, so rather than brown bag it for lunch I headed out to Potato Valley - a popular lunch spot just blocks from where I work.  Because it's so close, people go here all the time to eat in with coworkers or to just grab something quick to bring back to your desk.  I love the concept of a delicious baked potato loaded up with salad toppings - it's the perfect mix of warm and comforting plus fresh and healthy!  Since becoming vegan, my go-to potato has been the South of the Valley, which is advertised as "beans, corn, lime, mango, peppers, and garlic butter, served with greens and roasted onions."  I order it sans garlic butter and go on my merry way. 
Which is just what I did last week when, while I stood waiting for my potato to be prepared - they top everything right in front of you kind of like Subway or Chipotle - I noticed the bottom of that center sign.  Hard to see in this picture, but it reads "All potatoes are dressed with butter and seasoning on the bottom and a bunch of healthy crunchy things on top, such as shredded lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, and more.  And our customer's favorite: Imported Danish Roasted Onions (they're mild and sweet)." 
Well, I'd already ordered before I noticed that sign, so I got my food, brought it back to work, and ate it.  But the question now becomes ... should I ever go back?  This is really a popular lunch spot where I work.  It's the closest by far to my office, plus it's tasty and pretty healthy (especially when compared to a lot of the other "fast" food options out there).  And while the preparation may not prove to be completely vegan, it's pretty darn close.  But is pretty close good enough?  Especially when I know for a fact that it's not really vegan?  It's certainly one thing to eat something that you ordered thinking it was vegan but then arrives with butter or something, but can I order one of their potatoes again knowing ahead of time that it's got butter?  I could always order the veggie sandwich instead ... (Also not vegan, since it has honey mustard, but I don't take issue with that.) 
Knowing myself, I don't think I'll be ordering the potatoes again ... Such a sad revelation!  Do you agree?  Or am I being too militant about just a bit of butter? 

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